Learn to Swim

The key to learning to swim is being taught good technique through well structured lessons with repetition for successful skill acquisition. Being taught correct swimming technique is an essential part of water safety.


Saints Swimming's learn to swim progression has been developed from years of experience and dedication to improving our sport. Our friendly staff come from a wide range of backgrounds all with one common goal of providing enjoyable and professional swim classes. We all teach from the same page so all instructors continually go though in-house training as well as completing their Swim Australia Teachers qualification.

Some of the keys to our Learn to Swim program:

  • Small graded classes - maximum of 5 in a class / similiar standard swimmers
  • Instructor in the water - demonstrations, assistance and safety
  • Repetition, Review and Routine lead to sucessful skill aquisition

Be Patient - Learning to swim well is not an easy accomplishment for many and some children may find some exercises more difficult then others. It is common for some students that their swimming development may stagnate or even regress at times which is unfortunate but part of the learning process. Sometimes it can be tough for parents but the key is to be patient and encouraging rather than display anxiety during what should be an enjoyable but challenging process.