Learn to Swim

Marlin Squad

Our learn to swim begins the journey with our Marlin squad. Kick off Blue Marlin 4-6 1/2 yrs & Navy Navy 6 1/2 yrs+. Our ability based program will find the class that best suits. 

Marlin squad is a 3 level progression learning freestyle and backstroke kick. We begin development of water safety, skills, and what we call the “little things”.

Octopus Squad

Our Octopus squad is where we progress to the two level progression for breaststroke & backstroke.

Octopus 1 we learn how to frog kick where legs are symmetrical with toes pointing when kicking the hips up to maintain body position. In Octopus 2 we coordinate one breath, one pull (hands remain in front of shoulders) followed by the kick which pushes swimmer into floating position.

Dolphin Squad

The last squad in our Learn to Swim progression is our Dolphin squad where the two level progression teaches butterfly.

Dolphin 1 we learn butterfly kick and as the name suggests we begin the kick from the hips with the knee bend keeping feet together with toes pointed.when kicking the hips up to maintain body position.Dolphin 2 we coordinate one breath, one pull (hands together underwater and wide over the top) and maintain feet together with dolphin kick.



Correct Swimwear (board shorts and t-shirts don’t help the process)

Goggles (make sure they fit – give them a shower test drive). 

Saints cap – when you sign up 1st cap is on us which corresponds to squad level (replacement $10 – bargin). Swimming caps are compulsory.

Given lessons are in the afternoon and pool has shade csail we suggest leaving the rash as it hinders technique by restricting movement.

Enrol Blue Learn to Swim

Aged 4-6.5yrs - ready to learn freestyle.

Enrol Navy Learn to Swim

Aged 6.5+ years - ready to learn and improve technique. Once you are set up Text: 0408 512 040