Training Times

What determines your squad? Attitude - Attendance - Ability
Primary school aged squads

Shark Squad

Monday / Wednesday 3.30pm-4.15pm

Tuesday                      4.15pm-5pm

        Tiger Shark - 12&U (Mini squad)

Monday / Wednesday / Friday 3.30pm-4.30pm

Tuesday / Thursday                 6.00am-7.15am 

Saturday                                  7.15am-8.15am

High school Fitness Squads

Bull Shark - SurfTriFitness 

Monday / Friday                       6.00am-7.15am (5.30am gym)
Monday                                    4.15pm-5.15pm

Tuesday / Thursday                 3.45pm-4.45pm


High school Competitive Squads

Club Squad     

Recommend 3-6 sessions / minimum 3.

Monday / Friday                      6.00am-7.15am (option Gym 5.30am)

Tuesday / Thursday                6.00am-7.15am (option Gym 5.30am)

Tuesday / Thursday                4.00pm-5.30pm or want to step up 6pm

Friday                                      3.30pm-5pm

Saturday                                 7.00am-9.30am (option to train to 9.30am with gym session)

        State Squad 

Recommend 6-8 sessions wk / min 6.

Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday       5.30am-7.30am 

Monday / Wednesday                                 4.30pm-6.00pm

Tuesday / Thursday                                    3.45pm-6.00pm 

Saturday                                                     7.00am-9.30am (Gym)

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